Monday, January 27, 2014

curtains, shutters, and shoe lace hoarding

so asher was sick this weekend. 
the hubs decided they needed a nap. 
the dog joined in.
they slept with reckless abandon, people. 

since we couldn't go to church with a fever-ridden child, we busted out the atari our friends gave us for Christmas. 
you don't know what an atari is?
it's a box full of poorly animated games that are stinkin' awesome and make me happy. 
moving on.
jude is super excited about it.
*see below: that's his "oh yeah!" dance*

we bought our house a few months ago and it has lots of older-house charm. 
shutters add to the charm but aren't super usable with our lifestyle. we like lots of light and to open windows on nice days. these shutters are pretty old and a bit rickety, so with much debate, we decided to take down the shutters. 
don't hate me. 
before i owned shutters, i would have cursed the heavens and shaken my fists at the sky if i had read that a blogger had taken them down. but alas, sometimes the idea of things is better than the actual thing itself.
here's the before:

and the finished result:

i love it. it feels so fresh and so clean, clean.

in other news: my sister, in all her amazing awesomeness, sent me a package for no particular reason. 
isn't that sweet?
a little history: when we were young, my sister had those shoe laces that are super curly. i was super jealous. -and super annoying. i kept bugging her about them. she doesn't remember this, only the stories i tell her of said jealousy. i mean, she didn't even wear them. she just kept them in her desk. and there i was, a little girl, looking up to her role-model sister, just wanting to be cool with curly shoe laces, and she deprived me of that.  
maybe i need to seek out counseling for this perceived slight. 

but alas, what was one of the fun things in the care package? curly shoe laces!
25 years later, i finally got some! 
thanks, sis.
you da best. 

in addition to being a shoe lace hoarder lovely, thoughtful gift giver, my sister is also a card maker. 
she makes beautiful, lovely, thoughtful cards.
i have framed several of them.

in my care package, there was not one, not two, but three cards. 
overachieving sister of mine. 
isn't this one of the most precious things you've ever seen?
--complete with typewriting font and tea?
this rocks my vintage-loving heart. 
my sister is the sweetest. 

did y'all have a great weekend?
do y'all love curly shoe laces?

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