Thursday, November 21, 2013

shop on: stores that help

it's almost that time of year again, folks.
Christmas is coming.
i used to be of the mindset that i would not start doing anything Christmas related until thanksgiving was over. but now, i like to get some things done ahead of time so that december is not rushed.

we've made our Christmas budget and i've already bought some presents. 
don't hate me.
sometimes i'm productive.
most of the time i'm not.
but i wanted to share with you some stores that i've purchased from.

each of these stores is doing great work.
they are helping people earn sustainable income.
i'm pretty cheap frugal and so my budget is pretty limited.
but i find it's easier to spend just a smidgeon more money on a gift that not only will hopefully bless the recipient but also the artisan who made it.

i've found out about these companies through various blogs and thought i'd get the word out to you guys before all Christmas shopping is finished.

offers shoppers "the opportunity to use [our] purchasing power to create change in the world...[our] fashion sense can now restore dignity to abandoned women in ethiopia, empower communities in ecuador, and create business opportunities for ugandans."
**orphan care and prevention are a core value at noonday**

seeks to "provide fashionable, fair trade products to [customers] which create sustainable change for [the] designers globally."
**this site has beautiful things. unfortunately many items are sold out. you might wait awhile and check back when buying birthday gifts later in the year. 

uses "fashion and design to empower people to rise above poverty."

"a marketplace for handcrafted products made by artisans in developing countries around the world." they seek to partner with the artisans to help them with "sustainable incomes, holistic development, and shared work and responsibility." 

all of these stores have beautiful, lovely things that i've SO enjoyed drooling over. 

i'd like to also point you to a lovely store where my friend raises money for her family's ministry.
i've told you about them many times before...and it's because, well, they're amazing. 
it's my friend, stephanie cherry.

she sells paintings to raise money for gomer's house, a ministry to the community of fentress, tx.
her husband is also selling pies.
mmm. pies.
they are de-lish!
they're selling them through Christmas eve and what a great gift they will make!
if you'd like to buy one and send it my way, i will gladly accept. 

so there you go.
i love this season of giving and if the things we give also help people, how awesome is that? 
so shop on, people.
and buy something lovely or yummy. or both.

**i've linked up at time-warp-wife. go visit. 

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