Sunday, August 4, 2013

the glad game

hello there, friends!
we have just returned from our annual trip to kentucky to visit my brother and his family.
adventures were had.
good, good times.

we painted t-shirts.
above are all the grandsons and my mom.
she's the bomb-dizzle.

we went to the zoo.
above are all the grandkids from our branch of the family.
it's a lot easier to get a pic of all their backs than to get a good picture of everyone from the front.
i'm sneaky like that.

it takes the boys and i a day to get up to my parents' house and then two days to get to my brother's.
this year my sis (which i'm just realizing i don't have a pic to show you) came up with the fun idea to stop at an underground cave tour on our way up.
the boys had a great time flexing their muscles and being manly.

we went to the louisville zoo and this is a commemorative pic to prove it. see asher trying to run away? 
my sister was trying to get a picture too, so she's missing. i assure you she is lovely though.

anyway, we are back in our new home now and have spent a large portion of the weekend trying to get things done but hitting obstacle after obstacle. 
God is working on me. --helping me learn how to let go. i haven't quite mastered that one yet. 
especially with boxes and packing paper everywhere, plants dying due to drought, and a family reunion that we will be hosting coming up in a few short weeks. 

but if we follow pollyanna's "glad game" example (we watched a lot of old movies on our trip) we would see that:
boxes and paper mean we have a new beautiful home and the move is over.
even though there's a drought we can still care for our home and yard. and i'm thankful for AC.
and we have a family that loves us and we love them and we can't wait to have everyone for a visit.

i'm glad to be home. 

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