Monday, August 19, 2013


recently we celebrated 9 years of wedded bliss.
and every year i tell the hubs, "man, i love you more today than the day i married you."
'tis true. he's such a blessing to me.

recently the hubs installed this light in our kitchen.
this installation occurred because the previous light was hanging low enough that my 6'5" husband had to duck to go to the microwave.
he's a mighty but peaceful giant.

recently my children drew pictures,
this classy one is brought to you by gabe.
oh my. 

we've been in a season of productivity... getting ready for school, settling in the house, unpacking box after box. 
it's pretty wonderful.
and on the rare occasion that i check off a whole list for the day, i jump for joy and shout exclamations of triumph. 
it's a new home owner's miracle.

and this time next week?
all four will be in school. one will only be there for three hours. but hey, three hours is enough for some Bible study, a shower without little fingers sticking under the door, and maybe even a run around the block. --whoa. hey. let's not get too crazy. 

happy schooling, people.


  1. Cool light. And love the art work... Very funny. Boys so so different then girls. Youcommented about the cow pic.... Is that from whatever? I love her cow canvas its amazing.... And homeschooling hasnt started i am busily getting everything ready. Our middle daughter has decided that she would like to be homeschooled as well, she will be starting 9th grade so trying to figure all that out.
    Hows the new house? And enjoy your free time.... Showers by your self are wonderful.

  2. oh i hope you have a wonderful year of homeschooling!
    the cow pic was on ashley ann's blog, but the cow pic was a gift from someone so it could have been from the blogger of whatever.
    we love love love the new house. --getting acquainted with all its quirks and enjoying settling in before school starts.


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