Saturday, July 6, 2013

dry heaving.

i haven't been blogging lately because so many things were so up in the air, i didn't want to deal with it in real life, much less post about it. 
but now things have resolved a bit. 

below you shall see what happened to our patio. 
it was a nightmare.
the company who built our patio two years ago did a horrible job and took months to fix it when the inspection to sell our house came back saying the patio had issues.
this was the pic i took when it was at its worst.

it's fixed now. after i called at least once every two days bugging the people to fix the dang thing. i am not genteel to begin with. add some irritation and poor customer service and you will get more than you bargained for, paradise decks and spas. oh yes you will. oh, and i might be on a list somewhere of annoying customers. i'm ok with it. 

now it's fixed. and i am sure a day will come when we can talk about it without my blood boiling.
that day might be today. 
nope it's not.
still ticked.

moving on. literally.
we were supposed to move yesterday. out of one house. into pods. then travel for weeks. then move in to our new home. but God often has other plans. and i have to say this is working out splendidly.

we have to wait awhile to close and that means no more pods, we get to hire movers (blessed, blessed, blessed) and we don't have to live out of suitcases for two weeks.
--now don't get me wrong, those were going to be two amazing, fun, exciting weeks, but this way worked out with less stress, more down-time, and less money. wahoo!

this is a random picture of elijah. we go swimming in the afternoon, then shower all the boys, then hang out in the dark living room watching tv and i'm not gonna lie... it's amazing. cool, dark, calm, and amazing. then they fight and pretend to be ninjas. but for awhile...amazing.

fourth of july was awesome. here's my patriotic son waving the flag during fireworks. 

we sat on the roof of our suburban (i know we guzzle gas. four kids, people.) and it was lovely. the coolest july night i can remember in a long time. 

and we visited a sculpture garden. (-hey, that's random.) 
we are oh-so-cultured and i take pictures of big, metal cacti. it's what we do. 

so we are doing well in the midst of chaos. there are boxes everywhere and we are hoping for the best. 
--the best being that we close when we are supposed to and get to move in on time. 
i'd love to pretend we just roll with it. there are days that we do, but there are also definite moments of hyperventilating and dry heaving. 
this happens to everyone, right?


  1. You have every right to call them about it, since they’re being lazy about it. And it shouldn’t have been a problem in the first place if they did their work properly in the first place. Hopefully it holds out for inspection, and then some.

  2. Oh wow. That looked like it would fall down any time. It’s a good thing the repairs are done, albeit needing continuous prodding on your part. Glad that your move was less stressful than it would’ve been. Hope you’re enjoying your new home!

  3. That certainly looks dangerous. Why was it propped like that? Or was this pic taken in-between the process of repairing it? What I don’t get is why they took so long to finish this project. Construction such as this should be done in a day or so to avoid further problems and safety concerns.

  4. thanks for the support! thinking about it still gets my blood boiling a bit. :) hopefully soon it will be a distant memory.


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