Monday, June 24, 2013

fun fun summer time

summer is in full swing here, y'all.
we've been enjoying it (mostly) and occasionally fighting...
you know the drill.

now before i go on, sometimes i read blogs and i think, "holy poo. those are great moms. my kids should ask for a refund." i don't want this to be that kind of post. i just want to share our adventures. BUT... to keep it all in perspective and so you don't get to thinking i've got it all together (that's hilarious) i shall share that half of the time (generous under-estimate) the boys are fighting or disobeying or i'm frustrated or yelling or trying to get just one more thing done before i sit down to read to them or play with them or feed them. some days are filled with too much tv, too little communication, and lots of time-outs. but some days are awesome. in reality, most days are a little great and a little awful, just depends on when you ask me.

moving on:
i've been trying to do some things each day that make summer more fun and hopefully a time of learning and growing. so on any given day, if we have time, we do a few things:
1. something fun but not expensive (neighborhood pool, play dough, a game)
2. something educational (number 1 and 2 can be the same)
3. discipleship time (a godly trait or a Bible story)
4. read a book with each kid, have older kids try to read to me
5.  pack a box
6.  a chore or two --the kids are actually loving this and it's adorable to see them all work like busy bees to get it done quickly we do all these every day? nope.
do we do any of them every day? nope.
but when we have time, we do some. 
it keeps us on our toes. 

the boys surprised me one day by folding a basket of laundry. 
don't i have such awesome little helpers! 
what a thoughtful gift!!!

each week one boy gets to pick something a little extra fun to do. gabe picked chuck-e-cheese, judah picked the movie theatre, elijah picked the zoo, and asher picked a museum. 
it worked out perfectly because there have been four weeks from when summer started until we start our upcoming move.

last week we went to the zoo with a friend and her daughter. we ate a picnic lunch and climbed a tree. 
i think they had more fun on the tree than at the zoo.
we even found a turtle headed toward the water. 
it was an adventure and we came home worn out and happy.

we recently went to our community skate park and let the boys explore with their skate boards.
we had a great time. the boys sat and rode down the smaller slopes. 

and... the boys got mohawks. 
good times, people.


  1. fun! I started following your blog by email so I get them regularly now :) Cute pic of the boys on the tree. It reminded me of us girls on Jesse's tree which I just saw. We made Jack watch our Engagement video.

    1. i'm so glad! i often think about that tree. ah, memories.


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