Monday, April 22, 2013

how to sell a house

 so our house is on the market.
we're trying to move closer to the hubs' work. 
so i'm kinda like a nazi mom who, every 5 seconds says, "pick that up! that's not where it goes! we have to keep the house clean! stop touching stuff!"
etc. etc.
i'm just a bundle of joy to be around, i assure you.

so the kids have been "encouraged" to play with only a few things at a time and quickly put them away when they're done. 
 the legos have been moved downstairs where i can keep better tabs on the overflow of them. 

this weekend started out with beautiful children playing nicely. asher and judah were playing too, just not where i could see.

then it turned into this.
the hubs is saying "save me!" under that pile of children.

i bought these flowers to help sell the house. because if you're looking into buying a new home, fresh flowers usually seal the deal, right? --like maybe you're doubtful about a house and wondering if it's the right one and then you see a hydrangea and say to yourself, "i didn't know if this was THE ONE but a lovely floral bouquet...this is it. where do i sign?"
also, this weekend some friends of mine and i put together a meeting at our church for people interested in fostering and adoption. a woman from our previous agency came to tell people about foster care. it was great. about 35 people came, which was a lovely turn out for our smaller church!
in the next few weeks our church will be hosting the training needed to get licensed as a foster/adopt family. nobody currently offers these classes in our small town, so hopefully this is the beginning of something GREAT! 
have a lovely week, people

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