Friday, March 1, 2013

a birthday and a little bit o craaazzaaay

today is his birthday. he's 7. he's a big deal.
we bought him this awesome too-cool-for-school bike. it has a kick-stand and everything. 
he's movin' on up, people.

this has nothing to do with birthdays or anything... but wouldya look at that face? 

while the boys worked on birthday cards for gabe, i worked on a little something for the ladies in my small group. i searched high and low for washi tape after ashley ann posted about it on her blog. 
i finally found some yesterday and have enjoyed using it so much... probably too much. --they don't call me over-zealous for nothin'. 

this is where the boys have been creating lately. i gave them funky scissors to try out. i  know that's not their technical name, but if you came to this blog for technical names, you're at the wrong blog. 
i like terms like, "thingamajig" and "whatchamacallit" and "that thing over there." roll with it.

they do their best creating when they have a snack. the crumbs really add a certain something to their creations. 

do you love judah's wild man hair with all your heart? we have to cut it soon for an upcoming wedding and i'm a bit sad. i keep wanting to put mousse in it and fluff it up a bunch to see how big i can get it. 
i have big goals. big, big goals.

here's elijah thinking, "what goes with strawberry cereal bars? colored pencils and childhood obesity, that's what."
-did you laugh out loud? i did. 

below is a close up of what i ended up creating for the gals. yep, if you're paying attention you'll notice that i referenced the wrong address for the verse. it's colossians 3:23 not 3:27. i had to do the top card of each one all over again. drat! --which is a little comical because the verse talks about doing things heartily and when i realized i had to do it over again, i was not exactly stoked about it.
"here! i hope you like this blasted scripture verse card because i had to make it ...TWICE! take it! 
say thank you!!"

-am i the only one who plays these scenes in their head? they make me smile. which probably makes me look MORE crazy.

anyway, i like the way they ended up, although i have no pictures to prove it.

may your weekend be bright and cheerful!

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