Monday, January 21, 2013

poking things with sticks

we spent this morning with friends out in nature.
we looked at berries.
we walked across logs (i did. my boys didn't. where their sense of adventure went, i don't know.)
we poked at things with sticks.

we pretended to fish and caught moss. 
asher never fell in the water. shocking, i know.

we looked for shells. 
judah, my little treasure hunter, found a whole cup-full.

gabe likes to be masculine. he also looks like he's got a mustache but that's just the shadow. 
he likes to walk softly and carry a big stick. it's how he rolls. 

elijah was there but was in his element, far away from the camera, exploring and leading the line. he loves being in charge, but only when he wants to be. being a little brother is hard sometimes because big brothers can be bossy. 

and after a glorious morning, what do you suppose the children are doing now? 
calmly basking in the awesomeness of an adventure? 


bothering one another and pestering. and maybe talking about bodily functions.
a day in the life, people. a day in the life.

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