Tuesday, December 4, 2012

in full swing

you know when you go so long not blogging that you feel as if you have nothing to say because all sorts of hustle and bustle is going on but none of it is a huge deal? yep. that's me. with blogging block. not able to fully form a whole sentence because i'm scatter-brained and i kinda have to pee but i want to finish this post before doing so. too much information? my bad.

we have started our advent fun this year and can i just tell you i am loving it?
the pastor ended up preaching about advent the day after we started it as a family. gabe's big beautiful eyes looked up at me with excitement when he realized that we do stuff at home that we also do at church. you know the moment... when your kid realizes that church and family are not separate, they are a continuum of one another. beautiful blessing.

i bought my son a power ranger ornament because i am possibly the most loving mom ever. hold your applause. his class is decorating their class Christmas tree and he really wanted an ornament, asked nicely, but did not pester. so i got him one today to surprise him with it. and i know it's not a huge deal, but i get really excited to give my children things. and i don't do if often so it's a special wee treat. and it reminds me of how God gives to us and enjoys doing so. --not health, wealth, and prosperity stuff but just how He loves us and cares for us and enjoys us.

and now, on an un-holy note, i'm gonna go watch castle, because i love that show with my whole heart. and i'm gonna fold some clothes. and then i'm going to pick up 4 banshee children from school and the circus begins again.

but i missed you peeps out there and wanted to drop in and say hello.
how is your advent season going?

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