Monday, December 10, 2012

a haven of peace and tranquility

ah, there's nothing better than a quiet time out on the porch, coffee nearby, kleenex for my stinkin' allergies at the ready, and a crisp morning. sometimes my littlest walks outside to see me after he's taken off his pajamas and pull-up. the naked kid tends to make my quiet time run a bit shorter, but i love him just the same. i like to think he's just so excited to say good morning to me that he can't bear another minute away from that case, who would have time to put on pants first?  

today, however, i curled up inside with my gramma's down blanket and snuggled up with the Word because apparently south texas finally got the memo that it's december...and chilled out a bit. haha. get it? chilled out. just laugh, it'll make me feel better about myself.

i'm having a serious case of bloggers block lately. and you know why i think that is? because things are calm here. now i'm not saying our home is like a haven of peace and tranquility because 4 screaming banshee children don't know the meaning of those words. (they are cute banshee children, though) and neither do my hyperactive miniature schnauzers who think the vacuum and the door bell are making an invasion every time they hear them. an incident occurred yesterday where one of the kids got bonked on the nose, blood was everywhere, it wouldn't stop bleeding, the hubs was calling to say he was on his way home, two other kids started crying, one thought it was the perfect time to discuss the ways of the world, while i'm yelling "we need to apply pressure! hold still! you're getting blood everywhere! are you ok? why do y'all play so rough?!" so maybe our definition of calm is different from yours. hey potayto potahto.

 but we have reduced activities a bit, take things a bit slower. i'm not to hermit status yet but i found i was filling my days with stuff that just kept us busy. this life...this slower so lovely. when i fill our days i'm short-tempered, i run late everywhere, and my house looks like a tornado went through it. and when we get home from the busyness i am too tired to do much of anything. today i found myself sitting down as i finished up some chores and it wasn't quite lunch yet. i almost didn't know what to do with myself. it felt so weird... just sitting. 

--i think i might try it more often 

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