Monday, September 24, 2012

teacups and obsessive blogstalking

 this weekend my family went to an amusement park.
and although our smallest is too small to ride almost all the rides, we still managed to have a good time. --it's amazing how fruit snacks can keep a child busy while waiting for his brothers. i tell yah.
here are the boys on the teacups. they think they're a pretty big deal... in a teacup... all grown up. 

you know what's fun? 
going around and around in a mini-covered wagon with your knees by your ears in the hot, hot sun whilst a young child who can't keep still keeps standing up to look around.
good, good times, friends.

the hubs took gabe and judah on a roller coaster that they did NOT enjoy and while riding, judah yelled at his daddy saying, "why do you keep taking us on rides we don't like?!!" 
which i thought was funny. judah informed me it was not. ;)

it was a fun day of hilarious children, an amusement-park-obsessed hubs, and the texas heat. i look around me and i think about how our lives would be different if God had not blessed us with our boys. teacups would be much less fun. 

and over this weekend i fell in love with this blog right here. ashley ann writes it and it's phenomenal! exaggerating? nope. 
i found it as a link on ann voskamp's blog. and then when i visited the site, it had a link to their adoption story. 
it's such a moving testimony. and you can see God's hand in all of it. because that's how He rolls.
so check out her blog. she lives in oklahoma and i live in texas so i'm pretty sure we can make a long-distance friendship work, right?

hope your weekend was relaxing or fun... or both. --be an overachiever. 

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