Wednesday, September 19, 2012

align yourself

so we've discussed on here a few times about the power of prayer, specifically praying Scripture.  we've also discussed being women of influence through prayer for our families. then last week a Bible study started at our church and in the study we focus on praying Scripture. who'd have thunk it? do you think perhaps the Lord is trying to teach me something?

our pastor's wife, darla, is wonderful and encouraging. she has been printing up verses to pray through each week, so i thought i'd give you a glimpse into which ones we're going over this week.

for those of you who might not have ever tried praying Scripture, it goes a little something like this:

1 Corinthians
when reviled, may ______________ bless. (insert name of husband, child, friend, co-worker, yourself, etc)
when persecuted, may _____________endure.

help _________________ to celebrate Christ's sacrifice with "sincerity and truth."

help ________________ to "flee from sexual immorality."

and on it goes. by doing this, we are praying for our families and aligning ourselves with God's will that is presented to us in Scripture. some people at the study said that they usually feel pressure to say the right thing to God or get the wording right and this method took that anxiety away. others said that in the past, this had seemed too rigid but last week they tried it and it was so refreshing to repeat God's Word back to Him.

a complete list of the verses we are praying through is listed below. please join me in praying for those we love and even those that are hard to love.

prayer is powerful. God is mighty. and His Word is true.

verses for this week:
1 Corinthians
4:12, 4:13, 5:8, 6:18, 7:35, 9:22, 9:24, 9:27, 10:8, 10:9, 10:10, 10:14, 10:24, 10:31, 10:32


  1. OH thank you. I have been praying like crazy this week. Our oldest daughter is dating someone who is a bit older then she and really not husband material , not a believer and just makes me nervous. I need to pray scripture over her

    1. prayed this morning for your daughter. and i love your baby wraps... so adorable. your running has inspired me. i've walked... i know...lame...every day so far this week. of course that ain't no 13 pounds of weight loss like you, but i'm a bit of a slacker. ;)
      keep me updated on your offspring and i will keep praying for that situation.

  2. That's awesome. I have Beth's praying through scripture devo that I use, but you laid it out in a simpler matter. I'm going to try it this week. Thanks for sharing, friend.

    1. you are more than welcome! so far she has given us a different passage each week. i'll keep posting them each week if people are interested.


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