Sunday, November 27, 2011

twinkle lights and sandwiches

i have not blogged in FOR...EV...ER.

you see...the computer was broken or something, and the internet wasn't working. and every time i turned on the computer to blog and i saw that stupid multi-colored pinwheel, i seriously contemplated throwing our new, expensive, ridiculously large computer out of a two-story window.

but now it's fixed, so my homicidal computer thoughts are kept at bay.
and just in time, too, because i wouldn't want y'all to miss out on Christmas posts and whatnot.

we just held thanksgiving here at our new home and it went well. the only thing that could've made it better would be if more of our family could come. but rest assured, i've eaten enough turkey/cranberry sauce/dressing sandwiches for 5 or 6 people. breathe easy.

all the presents i've bought are wrapped. the tree is up. twinkle lights are everywhere. and i hope that having some of these things in place will make it so i can leisurely wander through this lovely season instead of rushing through it while sweating a lot.

the picture above is of our wee family on elijah's gotcha day celebration: year 1!
we celebrated the anniversary by going to chuck-e-cheese for approximately 34 minutes and then pleading with him to let us eat somewhere other than there. he gave in, God bless him.

enjoy the season!


  1. I missed you! LOL! I hate hate hate Chuck-e-cheese!

  2. I missed you.... alot! And it has been FOR EV ER! I kept wondering what was going on..... stupid technology!
    Wow you are way ahead of the game everything finished... LUCKY you... I have yet to begin... I did hang a pretty wreath on the door yesterday! Love the photo of your beautiful family! and don't be a stranger.


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