Tuesday, October 11, 2011

mary poppins, a transvestite, and free range chicken

this is amanda and stormy at the cove for lunch. we were college roommates a long, long time ago. and they survived. this is our first attempt at taking a great picture. fail.

last weekend we went to see mary poppins. it was amazing! i found myself saying, "wait. can they repeat that? how did they DO it?!"

second attempt at taking a great picture. again, fail. but apparently something got funnier.

after the show, we wanted to get some dessert and decided to go to Lulu's...a 24 hour diner with world famous chicken fried steak, a three POUND cinnamon roll, and really yummy pie. across from us sat a transvestite who was rockin' a tina turner wig. the food was delicious and the sound track was hilarious, being a mix of "man in the mirror" and celine dion songs.

the next day we went out and about and ended up eating at the cove, an interesting combination of washateria, car wash, and eatery. their food is all organic so i had the yummy free range chicken salad sandwich, which rocked my face off. yum! they also have cream soda that will knock your socks off.
finally. i'd like to say third time's a charm, but let's be honest. --i took 6 of these photos.


  1. Oh Mary Poppins. We took Sara to see it on Broadway for her 9th bday! It was her first broadway show and it was AMAZING. i loved it, she loved it and my hubby loved it too! It was so fun... LOVE! anyway, ooooo chicken fried steak and a transie.... in a wig! wow what a combo. Sometimes you just have to laugh. I worked in a posh mall years ago and about once a week this man/dressed up like a woman... would walk passed my store and look into the window at bloomies and give his wig a yank or tug as it had become crooked... oh my did we ever laugh about that in the back room.
    I had forgotten about that strange wig wearing man until just now as I read your blog.

    Sounds like upi and your friends had an amazing time... that place you went for lunch sound fun! And for some reason I can't see your last picture.... I don't think it loaded. all there is , is a little blue box with a ?
    in it.
    thanks for your sweet words about my dolls. I appreciate that! I would love to email you back but you are a no reply blogger..... fix that will you....... : )

  2. good grief sorry for the length of that comment.........


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