Monday, May 23, 2011

one hot mama

so i went to get allergy shots last week and they weighed me at the doctor's office.

bad. news.

i'm overweight. it's not really a shocker. i like bad food and dr. pepper...a lot.
so instead of complaining about it, i'm going to try to do something about it.

my friend leanna and i were riding in a car together for about 3.5 hours and decided we should have a name for this project of getting healthier. my first idea was to call it "the ohm project" --which stands for 'the one hot mama project.' but since leanna's not a mama, we decided that might not be the best name for it.

i've realized that things go better when you do them for God's glory and put God at the center of it all, so we looked at proverbs 31 together.

proverbs 31:17 says "she dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong" and so we are calling it project 31:17.

here's what i'm doing:
*drinking mostly (if not all) water
*eating lots of fiber and whole grain, fruits, veggies
*trying to stay away from fatty foods like cheese and desserts and bread and dr. pepper and other delicious things that are not good for me at all. but i am NOT cutting them out completely, because then i become negative about the whole thing.
*spending more time getting fit and being more active
in general, i'm trying to be a better steward of my body. i don't want to do this to look good in a bikini (ha. that makes me laugh) or lose a certain amount of weight. i want to do this to BE healthier. i belong to God, my body belongs to God, so i'm trying to honor Him in what i do with it.

join with us if you'd like. we literally came up with this in about 30 minutes in the car. it would be awesome if we had some ladies join us from all over and we can keep each other updated on our progress.

go get 'em tiger!

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  1. I AM IN! LOL I read about this on Amanda's blog today not realizing that she was talking about you... LOL i didn't click on the link she had back to your blog... Small bloggy world....

    I think that you have hit on something wonderful! Seriously, Marge. I love this idea. I have been trying to get in shape for a few months now and as I told Amanda.. When my allergies hit a few weeks ago I threw in the towel. (I really couldn't breath from my asthma..) excuses excuses. I LOVE THIS Idea. I will Blog about it and link it back to you.
    What a gift from God that you 2 thought this up. COOL BEANs.

    By the way, do you no that you are a no reply blogger. so that when YOu comment I can't email you back a reply??? drives me crazy. I always want to say thanks for all the encouraging words you leave me.


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