Sunday, May 8, 2011


on a day like today, i realize once again that i am blessed beyond measure.
i have four beautiful boys that call me mommy.

and as i read lots of blogs and have many friends who are dealing with how God will bring children into their families, i am hopeful.

God had a plan for our family that we had no idea about. one day we are not parents, and 4 days later we are. God brought our children into our family with short notice and crazy stories. --God had a bigger plan for us than we had for ourselves.

i am thankful for God's hand in our lives.
i am thankful for birth mothers who choose LIFE
i am thankful for...can you believe it...caseworkers and casemanagers...i know...shocking... who work hard (and some who work not-so-hard) to help create forever families
i am thankful for hugs and kisses
i am thankful for weeds picked in my honor: "here mommy, this flower is for you!"
i am thankful for dirty dishes and poopy diapers
i am thankful for a husband who loves his children
i am thankful i'm not in this alone
i am thankful for wrestling and boogers and stinky feet
because all these things make us a family

i am thankful for the opportunity to have these children in our family through physical adoption
and i am thankful for the opportunity to cry out "Abba, Father" through our spiritual adoption

God creates families, and i am so thankful He created mine.

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  1. AW. I am thankful that you wrote this. Now I am going to tackle that big pile of dishes that I am now thankful for...tomorrow...when it's not Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to a very special Mommy!


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