Wednesday, May 11, 2011

gabe gabs

welcome to our segment: gabe gabs

gabe has been saying some insightful and fun things lately.

early today our conversation went like this:
gabe: mom, when i grow up, i'm gonna drive a cool car.
me: oh yeah?
gabe: yeah. wanna know what it'll look like?
me: yes!
gabe: you'll have to wait and see. it's a surprise....
me: that's mean!
gabe: no it's not. you say when you get me a present, "you'll have to wait and see..." so it's not mean.
me: i guess you're right
gabe: when i grow up and you go somewhere, i'll meet you where you are, and then you can see my cool car.

--thanks for including me son.

he's also been repeating things i say to him over and over to his brothers.
like "how do you know you don't like it if you've never tried it?" and "the faster you do it, the faster you're done."
now if only he'd put those things into practice in his own life, we'd be getting somewhere.

we've been discussing the fact that if it doesn't have a brain, it can't be bad. for instance, if the ball is frustrating you, you really shouldn't say "bad ball!" because it's not bad or good. it's just a ball. (mainly this is because i'm sick to death of gabe blaming inanimate objects for his frustrations). the following situation ensued:

we drove by sonic (don't judge me) and in the meal was a tater tot toy...promoting childhood obesity? quite possibly.

judah: is tater tot mean?
me: nope.
gabe: mom, does tater tot have a brain?
me: nope.
gabe: he looks like he has a brain, but he doesn't? mom, he DOES look like he has a brain.

maybe he's trying to rationalize that the tater tot is, in fact, bad. i like to blame yummy food for my problems, too. ;)


  1. In that case...Little Debbie is bad and text books are plotting my destruction. I think he is on to something here...either way I can't wait to see his cool car someday!

  2. Gabe is too funny!!! I just love that little guy. Ethan over heard me talking to David about this post and agreed with you completely but stumped himself when he thought of the Wii. Haha. I told him that computers are kind of like brains.

    I can't wait to see you again!!! It's been too long!!!


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