Wednesday, February 9, 2011


(pepper ann, alice in wonderland, dorothy, and someone from star wars)

this past weekend we had a theme party for our young adult life group at our previous church.

i know what you're thinking: 1. we don't even go to that church anymore 2. we are NOT young adults and 3. we never belonged to that lifegroup anyway.

nevertheless, that did not stop us from throwing a party. for no reason. just for fun.
(this is pepper ann)

our theme was to dress up like your favorite cartoon or tv character from when you were a kid. and you were supposed to bring your favorite snack from childhood too.

we had a good turn out and ate yummy stuff like pb&j sandwiches, cookies, fruit rollups, brownies, and pizza.

i dressed up like punky brewster (which no one knew about since i am old and they guessed it...young adults). the hubs was steve urkle from family matters. aren't we cute?

this is cody and christina. he's a teenage mutant ninja turtle and she's smurfette. she made their costumes! elijah and gabe decided to dress up as a basketball (his words, not mine) and batman.

this is leanna. she was dorothy from the wizard of oz. she's also wearing red converse which i think is a nice new spin on ruby red slippers. ;) good job, leanna.

all in all, we had a great night playing apples to apples and cranium. i think i ate my weight in yummy fruit rollups. it was worth it.


  1. You make a great PUNKY! I loved Punky Brewster!

    One of the babies got matched to another couple. :(

  2. Cute... and I definitely know Punky Brewster!

  3. I loved punky brewster! I never felt old until I realized the other day that a good friend of mine who is 24 could have been in our first ever youth group! yikes!


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