Thursday, February 10, 2011

ode to 5 bedrooms

the three older boys share a bedroom. this leads to me having to sit in their room for 20 minutes at nap and bedtime so they don't play. this is an ode to when i can put them in bed and go do my own thing. i'm so excited i might pee myself.

ode to 5 bedrooms:

each one of you wild banshees
will have your own room
so you can no longer wrestle at 5 am
and yell very loudly "kaboom!"

you'll sleep ever so soundly
in a bedroom all your own
i will have a full night's sleep
you will reap what you have sown

i won't hear you scream
at the top of your lungs
you shall sleep ever so tightly
and no songs will be sung

except the song of victory
from your mama's lips
from the glass of triumph
i will surely sip

so goodbye 1 bedroom sharing
with your fatigue and exhaustion
all you boys will have a bedroom
and it will be stinkin' awesome.

the end


  1. Did you really write that???? LOL that was awesome.

  2. Ha! I can hear it now "I need a drink of water" "I need to go potty" "Im scared of monsters"

  3. i write all my own stuff ;)
    and celeste: if that happens, i will just give you a call and you can come help me out. you always wanted a boy or two, right??! right?!??!!


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