Thursday, March 18, 2010

round here


how are you guys doing?

it's been rough here while the hubs has been gone on the mission trip.

but we've all had enough with me talking about life being difficult, so let's move on.

i'll give you the skinny on all the goings-on:
1. my mom is fantastic! she came in to help us out while the hubs was away and let me just say, she is a laundry goddess (and good company too)
2. i would love a nap
3. had wine, cheese, crackers, and grapes with a wonderful friend and it was exactly what i needed
4. about 48 hours and counting until the hubs returns. we are desperately trying to avoid going to the ER with the baby until then. yes...he's sick again. feel like we've had this discussion before?
5. it's spring here in san antonio and it's all because God knew my boys needed outdoor time in order for them to remain alive
6. you know what's yummy? chips ahoy chewy cookies. up until 6pm today, that's all i had eaten
7. the throw up smell in the boys' room is almost gone. don't ask.
8. i'm having a maid come to my house and deep clean next week. my baseboards will finally be dusted! guests + no cleaning = amazingness.
9. triple bday party coming up for all three older boys. apparently we're obsessed with cars now, so that shall be the theme
10. my guilty pleasure is the real housewives on bravo. i'm watching it right now

anyways, nothing exciting to report. just life.


  1. Can I come to the party!?!??! Puh-lease!??!?! ;)
    I enjoy the way you write Marg. Even if I didn't know you, I think I could get your tone of voice through your writing.

    I love the flower/lemon painting...where is that from?

    Sending virtual hugs your way!

  2. Marg! I just love your mom!! You totally deserved some time away! Also, I am really glad you're getting someone to come clean your place - not cause I think it's messy or dirty or anything, it's just nice to have help and not have to worry about it!

  3. A maid???? WOW! I think I just might die with a big fat grin upon my face is a maid was to walk thru my door! Enjoy that! Sit back while she is there and just breath.

  4. I don't even want to know about the vomit smell. Not at all. But I'm glad your mom came to help out, cause I could imagine you going slowly mad all by yourself.


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