Monday, March 29, 2010

one step closer to elijah

i have been biding my time, people. waiting, patiently waiting, for the time to tell you that parental rights were terminated for my little man (monkey). YIPPPPPEEEEEE!

we had a permanency hearing last week and knew that this would be the probable result, but didn't want to count our chickens before they hatched. and as of today at 9:30am, monkey's bio parents have no rights to him anymore.

i know where monkey comes from, i know what they did to him, i know how better off he is with us, i know how much we love him and how he fits in our family just perfectly. but my baby, as of this morning, is technically an orphan. he no longer has "parents" from his biological family. they have no rights to him. we are legally not his parents yet. it made me cry. i did NOT think i would have this reaction, but it caught me off guard. my little man legally no longer belongs to the family that brought him into this world. it truly is heartbreaking.

in our family, we have made up a song about the process to get monkey. it goes "one step closer to elijah" and we jam out to it. the kids don't know what it means, but they have fun dancing nonetheless.

what's next? we wait 90 days for extended family to come forward and attempt at getting him (which is unlikely). after the 90 days, paperwork begins to adopt him. and then we'll have our elijah.

God has seen us through this since may 27, 2009. He has held us in the palm of His hand when we cried over our 13 month old who wasn't able to crawl and was barely able to sit up. God has carried me through the not-knowing.

thank you for your prayers during this time. i have more to report on other happenings, but we'll have to wait until later.


  1. Oh Marge!!! My heart jumped when I read the news that Monkey is closer to being yours forever!!!!! The Lord is so good to have placed him in your home! I can't wait to find out what the Lord has in store next! Keeping you guys in our prayers!!!

  2. Hey I have been meaning to pop in and read your blog for a while...I cant tell you are probably gonna have me crying a lot! I am praying that you will soonly become that little guys forever family! Love is a strong cure for the things he has been through. I am glad I stopped by...

  3. I am so excited for you!!! I know that court hearing probably wasn't the easiest thing, but he is so much better off with you, and with your love.

  4. Aw, this is great news. Praying that he is your forever son soon.


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