Friday, January 22, 2010

we're movin' right along

it's been a hard transition with everybody being sick. i took colalicious to the doctor this week and then took the older 3 boys to the doctor the next day. the gunk. and now everybody's on meds. guess what? with foster care, you get to fill out a med sheet for every med a child is on. 3 kiddos who are foster children+ several meds + med sheets =a lot of paperwork.

z-diddy (the 22 mo old) has turned out to be quite the little tooter rooter. we are currently dealing a lot with behavior issues. what's working best right now is to ignore the grunting and aggressive behavior and the "NO"s and praise good behavior. unfortunately, anyone who knows me knows i have trouble ignoring the not-so-good stuff.

this is not to complain, we are so BLESSED! -but i'd like to be realistic so anybody out there thinking taking on 2 new kids is easy can see a glimpse of the fun we're having.

the baby, colalicious, is getting on a schedule. he's responding well to it, and that means more than 1 1/2 hours of sleep at a time for me. woohoo! nobody ever told me how much the baby would take over not only our daily life, but our home. there are bottles, blankets, burp cloths, and formula everywhere.

the other boys are adjusting, cute as ever. the eldest is having the hardest time.

we had our first visit with bio parents this week for the two new boys. it was really awkward and more difficult than i thought it would be.
i have to say, i don't think the state of texas has it set up very well. i met the bio parents and everything. if they wanted, they could probably follow me home. (sadly, i am paranoid, and actually DID check my rear-view mirror many times during the drive to make sure i wasn't being followed) we truly have NO idea how long they'll be with us. but think about it, if they stay with us, we will have all our children out of the house by the time i'm 45.

i'm gonna be one hot mama when all my boys move out and go to their state schools that are PAID for, because if you are adopted over the age of 2 and are a minority, or are part of a sibling group that's adopted, you get FREE college tuition to any state school. --thru a doctorate. something else you might not know, you get a monthly stipend, medicaid until they're 18, and all lawyer expenses are paid for the adoption. this is all if they're over 2 and a minority, a sibling group of any age, or a caucasian child over the age of 6. so there is assistance for families adopting thru the state. spread the news. these are not good reasons to adopt, but it takes away some of the reasons people use NOT to adopt.

so anyways, i still haven't figured out how to take them all shopping with me, but we are getting better about loading up the car, taking walks, nap times, bath times, etc. when i start getting frustrated or overwhelmed, i just remember what it was like last week at this time, and how much i've learned since then. one of my friends said to give it 6 weeks. --take that time to get down a routine, initiate discipline with the 22 mo old, and establish myself as the caregiver. i bet in 6 weeks, i'll have this thing down pat. ;)


  1. I pray that you are sustained and loved on by God as you do this beautiful work.

  2. You can do it! You can. I trust that you have it in you!

  3. thanks for the encouragement gals! i appreciate it!

  4. Down pat ;D Hey, if you need any tips about going shopping with all the crew, give me a call; I had that pretty down pat when my three were all in diapers. Multi-seating shopping carts will become your friends...and give you great mom-arms. Until then, the Pops will probably have to man another basket along side you if you really want to make a family outing of it. <3


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