Friday, January 29, 2010

despite the huge bite mark

there was a wee incident in our home this morning. it involved the new kiddo biting another kiddo. i heard crying but didn't rush right in, because at this house, there is always crying. most of the time it's me. ( really)

anyways, at the time it looked like just a small bite by monkey's eye...but NOW, it looks like somebody socked it to him. it's pretty ugly. poor baby. and what's interesting? he bites too. you'd think after a moment like that, you'd think to yourself, "hmmm. biting hurts me. i guess i shouldn't do it to others." --but alas, this is not the case, because children are not logical beings. -go figure.

but the real news?? the rest of the day has been great! we went to sam's because they have a double seater shopping cart. it was our maiden voyage alone without help. the man at the door said, "four, huh? wow!" --to which i said, "yeah, i think about that everyday."

we attended sonic happy hour because the boys did so great. and enjoyed snack in the car. the baby, although sick, slept well. the boys took good naps. they helped clean up. they didn't violently attack each other any time i left the room (well, except for the malicious carnivorous activities of the morning). it's really been the best day so far.

and z-diddy is actually listening and obeying, which is HUGE! more than half the time today he actually did what was asked of him. this is amazing!

the baby is on meds AGAIN but cps called to say that there's a "service manager" that is assigned to our case. she's a nurse, and she can answer any questions i have about the baby's medical stuff... regarding the insurance, prescription info, or even concerns about his health. they were thinking he might have to be considered "medically fragile" which is NOT good for us because that would mean they'd move him (we are not trained to be a medically fragile home).
but he doesn't meet the criteria, so he's sticking with us. -all this to say, i am very excited about our service manager, because his medical needs are such that it is hard to keep up with all the specialists and appointments AND take care of 3 other living individuals...oh...and the hubs and myself.

so, God once again saves the day. He's truly the only way i am doing this, because visions of locking myself in my closet and crying myself to sleep are never far off. but today was better. and maybe, just maybe, tomorrow will be better too.


  1. I'm glad you're getting into a routine and actually taking the boys out and about! Good job!

  2. LOVE, you're a saint.


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