Saturday, January 16, 2010

the tough part is mostly over

so i took colalicious, the baby, to the hospital last night because he was wheezing so badly. after several breathing treatments, he responded well and is now eating, sleeping, and smiling. he was not admitted, but that meant we got home last night around 10:30pm. it was a rough day and a rough night, but today has been 100% better.

my parents are wonderful and momage (my mom-in-law) is wonderful and we have lots of help.

gabe and monkey are adjusting well to having new kiddos in the home. monkey will lay on his stomach to watch colalicious play on the floor. it's pretty adorable. chin in hands, feet flopping around, monkey LOVES this baby.

the hubs stayed home from a trip to mexico he was supposed to go on. he is a keeper. i love him and am very grateful for him staying home.

everyone has been so helpful. we have only bought formula and diapers. the rest was donated to us. we lack nothing. isn't that an amazing testimony of the Lord's provision?
the moment after we agreed to take these boys, things started happening. donations started flooding in. we have so many clothes, we don't know what to do with them all. now all i need is someone to fold my laundry and help us get ready for our health inspection on tuesday. any takers? ;)

prayers have been wonderful. we are so appreciative. i TRULY never thought our life would be like this. i said i never wanted another kid under 2, God gave us a little baby. i said i wouldn't be ready for more kids until our youngest was over 5, and he's only 1 1/2. God has bigger plans than what we have for ourselves. the hubs and i, of our own strength, cannot do this. but God can do it! --what an adventure!

anyways, it's sad i can't put up pictures, because our family is a good lookin' one!


  1. Fo-shizzle. I know you are a busy lady, but know that I am keeping up on your grand adventure and with you all the way. Let me know when things settle down (which will be never, lol) and we can get together. Smooches.

  2. I'm glad you posted an update. I wondered how you were doing and am glad everyone is blending in together well. Yay!


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