Wednesday, December 16, 2009

holiday decorations

i am having such a great time with this holiday season...i'm not gonna lie. i have Christmas candles burning, carols playing, and the tree lights on. love it!

thought i'd show you guys some more of my house. sadly, i didn't get hardly any responses from my last "fave 5" post, so i don't know anyone's fave 5's for the season. sad day.

anyways, here's a serving tray i found at homegoods years ago. i love it. and i've finally found a home for it in my house. if you look in the cup, there's a happy birthday Jesus card that gabriel made. we like to make gifts for Jesus for His birthday. admire the cardinal salt and pepper shakers, too. i love 'em. they're a whopping $5 at pier one.

i had some questions about my placemats made of Christmas cards. this is just one example. when my gramma did them, she had themes for each mat. i just threw some cards together, cut off the fronts, cut to size, and placed on posterboard. then you can use contact paper to seal it, or get it laminated. either way works fine.

we had a small get together this past weekend at our house. part of the reason was that we didn't want to attend the big party for my husband's work (although REO speedwagon was playing). the other reason? i wanted to use my Christmas dishes. i have all these cute serving trays for Christmas and never get to use them. i'm sad i didn't take pics during the party to show off my awesome hostess-ness. but here is the centerpiece i used for the serving table.

i have holly growing outside our house and went a bit crazy decorating with it. i used it for our drink tray, the centerpiece, and anywhere else i could find to put it.

are you enjoying this holiday season?


  1. Hi Margaret! I read your blogs posts! :) Of course I don't always respond. I do enjoy reading them, and getting ideas on what I can do. I really like the ornaments in the vase. My husband will be thrilled about the placemat idea because I am such a hoarder I have always kept our cards (from all occasions.) But now I can do something with them! I do have one question: what is contact paper?

  2. I have the Twisted Peppermint candle from Bath and Body Works and I love it. The whole house smells like candy canes and I totally love it.

  3. I love love love your placemats from cards idea! Great one. So Cute I have a glass jar filled with ornaments on my mantel too. I love the way that looks so festive!
    I just found your blog today, and i have to tell you I was laughing so hard because I love when people comment on mine as well.... although it is usually my friends..... lol : ) Keep Blogging, I will read!


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