Tuesday, December 1, 2009

have your elf a merry little christmas

we got home from our thanksgiving with family and started decorating immediately. i am on the ball this year and ready to enjoy the holiday. i put on the christmas carols and lit a candle and got to it. we bought a little fake tree this year because of where we had to put the tree... since we have a 19month old who likes to pull on ornaments (ahem...monkey....ahem) and knock things down. so here's our wee tree...in all its glory. that's a homemade star on top, made with tin foil and scotch tape. impressive, huh?

it's rainy here today and very cold (in texas standards). i am enjoying this season so much! i found a good idea for an advent calendar focused on Jesus and His birth online today at (in)courage and am going to put that together tonight!

here's one of my favorite cards ever in the history of the world. on the inside it says "have your elf a merry little Christmas." when i get enough cards, i start making placemats from them. i cut them up and lay them out on a large piece of posterboard and then laminate them. that way, we have placemats with reused materials. my grandmother used to do this and so my mom has a bunch of vintage card placemats at her house.

on that note, today would have been my gramma's 100th birthday! she passed away a few years ago after living an amazingly godly life. we love her and miss her.


  1. I only met Gramma a few times and I always felt welcomed and loved by her! She was a remarkable woman!

    I love LOVE love your placemat idea! I am SO going to do that!!! :D Love you, friend!

  2. I decorated the tree last night to the sounds of Gilmore Girls DVDs running in the background. It looks beeee-yu-ti-ful if I do say so myself. Our dogs sniff at it occasionally, but rarely do more than just run past it. I like to sit in the dark with the tree lights on and just stare at it. It's my favorite, calming thing to do at Christmas time.

  3. sissy: i love to do that too! i think i look creepy, sitting in my house with all the lights off so i can see the tree better. ;)

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