Friday, December 11, 2009

crying like a baby

as part of our foster parent training that is required each year, we can see a few movies that will count.

so last night the hubs and i went out to see "the blind side."

i have to say i cried like a baby during the movie, and then after, and then again after dropping off the babysitter.

i know...i'm ridiculous. the movie really got to me. it confirms what we're doing as foster parents. will our foster son grow up to be drafted by the NFL? probably not, although he's quite a hefty guy.

the story just warmed my heart and made me realize, once again, that everyone deserves a family and a place to call home. everyone needs a chance.

so if you haven't already, go and see this movie. and if you cry like a baby, please tell me so i can feel better about myself ;)


  1. David and I want to see this movie SO bad! We just love Sandra and are really really excited for what the movie is about! I can't believe it's a TRUE story!

    I linked to your blog today...maybe my lone reader will come visit! :)

  2. That movie was awesome! I cried too! Blake didn't cry, but I think he was just trying to be manly and focus on the football aspect of a Sandra movie. lol

  3. I cried too. I told the Lord that I wanted to be living a story like that and not just admiring it in other people. He whispered to me, "You are." You are too, Marge... and God is well pleased with you.

  4. I haven't seen it but want to, but know people who saw it and cried like babies. You are not alone!


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