Wednesday, September 16, 2015

september. bleh.

that last post was pretty deep so i thought i'd lighten it up by complaining about the drought and heat. 
sounds like fun, eh.
let's get started.

so this whole summer is over but it's still gonna be 100 degrees outside stuff is bogus nonsense.
i demand a recount. either we should be allowed to be in a pool all day long or it should be cardigan weather. 
if i were to post pictures of things on this blog, it would be of dead and/or wilting plants. 
because that's what life is like here in drought-land, usa. 
everybody pretends we live in a lush landscape filled with green things, but really...let's admit it. 
i live in a stinkin' desert.
i'm so ready for fall.
we have these great screen doors that bang shut when we close them. the hubs hates it but i love the sound. it reminds me of visiting my gramma's house growing up. and it reminds me of cool days where we can actually use them
when i get passionate, i overuse italics
right now it's too hot to leave the door open while i get the groceries out of the car. 
but someday soon... (if this were a tv show, there'd be that wavy screen thing happening where we go into a daydream)
i won't have to water the yard every other day.
i won't sweat getting to the car.
i can wear jeans without wondering why i thought it would be a good idea to wear jeans.
i can read a book on the back porch and not get eaten alive by mosquitos. 
i can light fall scented candles without thinking i'm a fraud and fall is a myth that doesn't exist south of the carolinas. 

i am fully aware that september is one of those months that exists outside of space and time. school has started but it's still not our jam, the weather is hot so it's uncomfortable to blow off steam outside after school, fall fun activities have not started yet, and it's still light outside until 8 or so.
what's up with that?

i have no answer to this age old problem of september just being awful. except this.
it's the answer to lots of the world's problems.
i'm also available for consultation regarding other world problems like world peace and what to do when the person behind you in line at the grocery store stands too close to you. 
you're welcome.

*note to readers: if you love september, we can still hang out. this in no way affects how i see you as a person. as long as we pick air conditioned places to spend time together while we drink frozen fancy coffee, we can still be friends. 

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  1. I have a solution!! Move to Alaska...summer is over the last week of August and winter starts the last week of September. We had beautiful fall leaves for 3 weeks, they fell off last week, and it snowed yesterday! The forecast for next week is 5 degrees one day. We are ready, though, at least our cars and wardrobes are. I don't think anyone can truly be mentally ready for their first winter 100 miles south of the Arctic Circle. Needless to say, the base motto here is "Ready to go at 50 below!" Happy Texas Autumn to the Voros family...enjoy! : )


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