Monday, September 21, 2015

awesome seasonal movies

as the seasons pretend to change here in south texas, i start getting ready to decorate. and i love movies that reflect the season as well.
my sister-in-law and i have discussed several movies that are just better when the season is right.
this is by no means a comprehensive list, but i thought it would be fun to share our favorite seasonal movies in case we stumble upon a great one we didn't previously know about. i'd also like to state for the record that if you find any of these movies offensive due to content, i apologize. each of these movies is listed because i, myself, have enjoyed them. you have probably watched every single one of them but sometimes i read a list like this and go, "oh my gosh! i loved that movie and haven't seen it in forever! i need to get that one!" and maybe this list will do the same for you. 

great fall movies:
you've got mail ("bouquet of sharpened pencils")
dan in real life
mona lisa smile

great winter movies:
you've got mail ("the horn...the sounds so forlorn")
the family stone
while you were sleeping
sleepless in seattle
*i did not list all the famous Christmas movies on this, like "elf," "white Christmas," "muppet Christmas carol" or "home alone," because we watch those on repeat all Christmas season long.

great spring movies:
you've got mail (are you noticing a theme here? it's basically the best movie ever)
under the tuscan sun
calendar girls
must love dogs

great summer movies:
the way, way back
away we go (note: language and some other inappropriate stuff but there is something about the ambience of this movie that is special)
the secret life of walter mitty

my sister in law recommended "lars and the real girl" but i have not seen it yet. and i'd just like to give a shout-out to "date night," "miss pettigrew lives for a day," and "crazy stupid love" because i really enjoy those movies any old time. and i must also add that if you own "just like heaven," you are in for a real treat. the bloopers are hysterical. yes, there are some that make no sense and are kinda stupid, but then there's like two that make my sister and i laugh so hard that we cry and rewind over and over again. we're cool like that.

what are your favorite movies for every season?

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