Tuesday, August 11, 2015


just fyi, the pictures in this post are not current. but i found them looking through old stuff and thought, "dang, my kids are cute," and then proceeded to let you see just how cute they are. 

we have been gearing up for school.
shoes bought.
backpacks purchased.
supplies being mailed to their school 
(ps: who in the world thought of this idea and can i buy them an ice cream sundae!? for reals!)

life is chirping along.

we are doing some fun last minute activities before the daily grind starts back, 
like going to the skate park and doing hard core stunts. 

going through the boys' clothes to check out what fits takes a whole day.
it's ridiculous.
and i'm always overwhelmed by it.
and they don't even have as many clothes as normal american children. 
you'd think by now i'd have a system that would knock my socks off but alas, it hasn't happened yet.
so my new idea is to split them up into shifts. 
two kids in the morning, two kids in the afternoon. 
and maybe i won't want to burn a big pile of clothes by 3pm.

we are praying for the upcoming school year.
one of the boys had a really hard 2nd grade year and now it's time for another to take their turn. 
so we are praying it goes more smoothly this time around.
and we are praying that God would pair up our children with teachers who care and invest in the lives of the kiddos in their classes.
for the boys so far, there were some fantastic teachers and some that were a bit lacking.
we have loved getting to partner with awesome teachers to help our kids succeed. 
before we moved to this town, a neighbor friend of mine said that before school starts they have a fancy dinner. they pray together and eat on good china and make it a fun deal. i have since stolen her great idea and we usually do something sort of like that.
i love it because it starts the school year out with our focus on Christ in a fun and kind of fancy way.

our youngest starts full time kindergarten so that will mean that i will do life differently during the day. 
i'm looking forward to this new season and hopeful about the opportunities i'll have to try out some new things. 

as the heat of the summer climbs higher and higher,  school prep has begun, and we are still dealing with the loss of our little miss, i'm trying to find things to look forward to and here's what i've got so far:

cooler weather (Lord, may it be!)
 state fair of texas (coming soon! wahoo fried foods)
the smell of school supplies (a bouquet of sharpened pencils, anyone?)
more structure (we have really let it hang loose around here this summer)
yard work (i know it's weird, but we are really behind on it and our yard looks like an enchanted forest and not the good kind. --more like an evil kind where skunks wait to assault you and squirrels eat your cats.)

are you ready for school?
want to come clean my house for me and go through my children's clothes with them?
help a sista out. 


  1. This will be our family's first year to have a child in school and we are ready for it! Our daughter does best with lots of input and I think the structure and the higher demands of real school (rather than pre-k) will be good for her. Any tips on smoothing the transition, since you've got a bit more experience there?
    So sorry to hear about little miss leaving your house (I know, we're always supposed to be happy that reunification worked but I'm sorry for the hole that her leaving must have left in your lives and hearts).

    1. school is fun and challenging. my tip is that the first week might go really well but the second week they have a breakdown about seemingly nothing at all. they've held it together as long as they can and now they're exhausted and little things seem huge. in our family a kid cried about having to put their dishes in the sink (something they normally do) because they were totally exhausted. we hugged a lot that week.
      my other tip is start getting up early and practicing morning routine about a week before school starts. that's what we do before school.
      thanks for the sweet words about little miss going. we ache for her but it's an exercise in trusting the Lord. really makes me realize how little control we actually have.


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