Wednesday, February 4, 2015

organizing my time

recently a blog i read posted this about organization and i found all of these links to be helpful.
i really enjoy organizing and getting tips from others, but i find it's such a personal thing based on how your household runs. you have to take the stuff you find helpful and add in your own stuff, too.

this link about time management was so helpful! it's part of a series you should totally check out. i used her ideas to schedule my day. she also has free printables which i didn't use but they look cute and useful.

since reading that, i've typed up a schedule and put it in a page protector on my desk so it's extra durable but also accessible.

i've only done this new routine for a week or so but i'm finding it to be easy to manage.

daily tasks:
1. make bed
2. start laundry
--older kids to school---
3. quiet time/ bible study
4. fold laundry if needed (see my previous post about kids helping)
5. dishwasher: empty or load or both

now don't judge me on the next part. i am not a clean freak. i just do what i can so i'm not totally embarrassed by my home.

clean out fridge

vacuum upstairs and down

1x/month: (i said don't judge)
shop at costco

1. load dishwasher
2. clean sink
3. wipe down counters
4. wipe down table cloth or put on new one
5. defrost meat for next day in fridge
6. boys' chores

i've also been taking about 10-15 minutes each evening to make my next day's to-do list and set out clothes for myself for the morning. around here, mornings can be uncertain and rough based on the amount of sleep we all had or lack there of. i've noticed anything i can do to make the morning run smoother has a huge impact on how the day goes.

and this concludes my organizational skills. also, do you like the random photos of flowers throughout this post? i couldn't find any photos relating to organization and i thought, hey, flowers make things feel clean and pretty, right?

today, in the midst of being unorganized and stretched too thin for a few weeks, i am diffusing jasmine oil and listening to acoustic guitar music so i can trick my brain into relaxing. i guess the study i've been doing on sabbath hasn't taken hold yet.
happy organizing, peeps!

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