Thursday, September 4, 2014

her cute room

i have like 17 blog posts in mind. 
there are several i never got around to.
like first day of school, our 10 year anniversary trip, our family reunion, and i think i made up a post about a family camping trip and never put it up here. 
so i'm super on the ball.

today the stars aligned and we have a longer day with the boys in school, and it's just me and little miss at home. and it's raining. this day is amazing. 
she's awesome.
but right now she's screaming in her crib. 
she's tired but won't admit it.
besides that and pooping up her own back, she's a doll!

i painted her room and decorated it before she came. although she won't sleep there until a few months from now, it's ready for her except her crib, which will be moved once she's ready to be upstairs and sleeping wonderfully all through the night. 

so this is the before picture.  
i never remember to take these. 
i start out thinking about a project for months and then when i finally decide to do it, i'm rushing to get it done. 
white walls, a bed, and a bookshelf are in the room. nothing else. the room wasn't functional because there was no surface area to put stuff. 
the room also started out with forest green and cream curtains and matching pillows. very hunting lodge. and while they were nicely done, it wasn't our style.

i found a can of paint in our shed from the previous owners. it's a light aqua kind of color.
i tried it on the walls, i liked it. the hubs got me some more. and now this is the room:

 bed: estate sale
bedspread: my mom-in-law
wreath: homegoods

 below is my splurge! i always wanted a dollhouse when i was little but never had one.
i found this one on etsy and fell in love!
it's tin, vintage, and is so precious. i will start accumulating furniture and people for it soon.

hat box: my grandmother
painting: my sweet friend amanda jo. she's super talented. and should open an etsy shop to sell stuff like beautiful paintings and cute things she finds at garage sales. *HINT HINT, amanda jo!*
crochet elephant: my dear friend stormy
and the rest was stuff i just had lying around.

below, the room looks super green. it does not look like that in real life. 
pennant banner: etsy (with reds, aquas, and blues)
print: katy daisy on etsy
white curtains and rod: homegoods
toy box: my great grandfather actually made this! it's been in our family for quite awhile

dresser: my sweet mother in law
lamp: target
art: hobby lobby
and the picture: my grandparents' wedding photo

so the biggest purchase was the paint and the rest was kind of pieced together. 
i wanted the room to be fresh and vintage. 
i love how it turned out.
i hope we get to raise little miss so she can have fun growing up in this room.
we will know more about her case in november. 

next project: i'm thinking gray. 
i'm wanting to paint our powder bath and a wet bar area in the living room.
and the hubs, who usually has strong opinions on how things should look, is saying, 
"you can choose. it's up to you." 
--which i think is some sick kind of joke he's playing on me. i'm totally second guessing myself on colors. i think i see him secretly smirking at me. 

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