Saturday, August 24, 2013

mind-blowing bowling

i've been trying to make sure this summer didn't pass us by and we'd all be like,
"wha?? where'd it go????"
so as a family we tried to do a few special things.
one of which was to have a family fun night before going back to school.
i call it...
back to school bowling bash.
did i blow your mind? because you know how i love alliteration.

elijah makes the strangest faces for pics. i like a kid who doesn't take himself too seriously. 

asher likes to do things himself...without help.
but this bowling balls are as big as he is!
did that stop him? 
not one bit.
playas gotta play, peeps. 
playas gotta play.

gabriel has learned how to make his chubby cheekies even bigger.
and this face makes me laugh.

we ate out and then enjoyed a night of bowling.
somewhere there's a pic of the hubs but it didn't end up in here for some odd reason.
ah, technology. such a lovely, evasive lady, she is.

so monday it begins.
kids in school.
you'll find me drinking a coffee by myself**
if you call my name, i might not answer.
don't be offended.
i just haven't been alone in a long, long time.

**note to readers: i may, in fact, be drinking a coffee and crying...don't be alarmed. my kids drive me a bit bonkers but they're pretty much amazing and i like having them around. 

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