Monday, April 15, 2013

remember that time i ran down the highway?

my college roommates and i went on an antique weekend to warrenton, tx.
yummy, bad-for-you food, laughing, and antiques abounded.

now i could share about our great purchases, the historical smallest chapel, the abundance of carbs, OR i could share about the time amanda and maggie may had to run on a highway and not get run over in order to reach stormy, who was driving away. 
that sounds like more fun, doesn't it?

it all started one lovely day.
antique shopping had wrapped up. 
the gals were tired, hungry, thirsty.

we found the car, got loaded up, and headed out.
no cell service. which way do we go?
there's two different towns that are having huge antique sales this weekend. 
traffic is pretty much at a stand still either way.
"go the opposite way and we'll see if we can get around this traffic," amanda says unknowingly.


we drive for a few miles at a break-neck pace of 5 miles per hour.
then we see the backup of the traffic trying to go to the next town for their event. 
oh my.
i guess we should turn around and go BACK THROUGH THE TOWN WE JUST CAME FROM.

so we turn around. 
and go 5 miles per hour the other way.

"i'm thirsty. traffic is slow. i should just get out and get us some drinks when we get back into town. with traffic this slow, i could catch up with you before you get too far," maggie may stupidly miscalculates all sorts of variables.

"i'll go with you," amanda says.
"here's my money," stormy offers.

all seems well. 

"ok, i think we're close! let's go! we'll meet you down the road."
two of us get out, and all of a sudden, traffic starts moving. 
10 miles per hour, 15, 20. 

holy poo. 
"amanda we have to run! let's go get the drinks and try to catch up!"
"i have to pee. do i have time to pee?!"
wait in line. wait in line.
realize they don't serve sodas at this location.
run to the next location. 
wait in line. wait in line.

get the sodas, run back to the highway.
"maybe she pulled over!" 
"we have no cell service, we can't call to find her"
"traffic really picked up!"

"she left us. she up and left us." 

"i see her down the road. hurry! hurry!"

run, walk, huff, puff.
look sad and pitiful and wish i worked out.
traffic was so bad, stormy didn't think she could get out if she turned in somewhere to meet up with us later on down the road.

i catch up. and jump in the car. --like a movie where people jump on trains while they're moving. but less fun. and more sweaty.

"hurry amanda! you can do it! in your flip-flops! come on!"

and as the horns honk and the police officer directing traffic yells at us to GO! - in an irritated tone
 --we, all three of us, drive off into the sunset. 

"whew. turn on the AC, i'm hot. and you! you, stormy! you better freakin' LOVE this soda. it better be the best thing you've ever tasted," maggie may falsely places blame on stormy.

and it was truly the best soda ever. in the history of the world.
and i got my cardio for the day.

and then we went to a farm to take a tour and pet baby animals. because that's what you do when you've run down a highway, holding up traffic, for that tasty, sugary goodness of dr pepper.

the end.

*let's not talk about how all this could have been avoided if i drank more water. geez.

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  1. I find this story to be hilarious. I mean, so funny. And so you, Maggie May!!


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