Wednesday, November 7, 2012

a slew of activity

sorry for my long absence, friends. life's been hectic.

i celebrated my 30th birthday, made an effort to take pics of it to share with you all, and then never got around to it. i was responsible for co-running a church-wide garage sale where all proceeds went to our church's adoption fund, and for a week didn't sleep much or eat much or do anything much but price, organize, and set up. it was a success, though! we raised over $2,000! hopefully someday soon some family who senses God's calling to adopt will receive that money and bring their child home! (there's more than $2000 in the church's account. i know...$2000 isn't enough to make much of a dent, but it's something!)

and now i'm recovering. i'm still fatigued and thinking, "what did i do last week again?" so hopefully i'll get back in the swing of things soon. thankfully, i planned ahead and made sure this was an easy week for myself and the kiddos so i could get the house and our lives back in order.

thanksgiving plans are underway. so far the count is up to 16 people that will be joining us at mi casita. we'll be shoving people in corners, under stairwells, in the garage... i jest. the garage has bugs ;)

yesterday the kids and i went to the park and picked up some branches to make our thanksgiving tree.
(--sticks put into a vase, then attach paper leaves to it with thankful notes on them). then this morning while putting it together, i broke the vase and had a heck of a time picking up all the shards of glass. super fun. "i'm thankful for a clean floor." --that should be the first thankful note.

so life presses on and we're going right along with it. we are thankful. --and keeping track of the thankfulness.

so far, we are thankful for:
mommy and daddy
cute little superheroes running around, healthy

--aren't we all thankful for spiderman, folks? aren't we all. and for a house full of hilarious children who have energy i can't even fathom, i am thankful. God has blessed us so. and we are grateful.

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