Wednesday, August 15, 2012

does God have hair?

today is one of those incredibly rare days where the kids are (mostly) getting along, laundry is folded (don't be too jealous, it's been sitting on my floor since this weekend), and the kitchen is clean.

yesterday was not this way. after a fiasco at the pool, i talked to my mom. and by "talked" i actually mean i wept. a bit.
i think one of the things i said was, "why does it feel like i'm the only one working here?" all day long, alone with four boys, i feel like i'm the only one working to improve, grow, and change.
--i'm not talking in reference to the hubs. he's awesome. and good looking. total package.
 i'm talking about the kids who don't seem to be applying anything i tell them so i have to repeat myself. all. day. long.

in the midst of the crazy, it's hard to have an eternal perspective of, "oh, what a glorious day. my children are being disobedient again. i shall handle this situation with grace and poise because God deals with me lovingly when i am disobedient." and then birds sing and mice run about helping with chores. i need me some of them mice.

does God have hair? and if He does, is He tempted to pull it out when i frustrate the poo out of Him?

all this chaos and yelling yesterday with the boys resulted in me thinking about what a sunday school classmate said about the parenting book we're studying. she said that we think parenting is about teaching our kids how to grow up to be godly people. but really it's more about a sanctification process for us, and the kids just get to benefit from our experience.
that kinda sucks sometimes.
it's true and can be awesome.
but it still can suck.
you can't give children something you don't have. patience, compassion, wisdom, you name it. so i have to be filled up by God to give them anything worthwhile. unfortunately my selfish desires get in the way. alas, i didn't get robot children who do what i say when i say it. i have children who like to figure out why i want them to do things and how to push my buttons. i guess that's a special version of "applying themselves." way to go, kids. you make mommy proud.
so every few minutes days i have to re-focus my attention on the eternal perspective. i have to remember that God has given me these children for me to teach and love, but He's also teaching me through them. in my constant disobedience, demands, selfishness, etc...He has patience with me through them all. and He still loves me and guides me closer to Him.

eternal perspective. hard core. and just plain hard.


  1. M,
    A wise lady friend of mine once said that our children are not only our God-given audience to see how God works in our live to perfect us, but also one of the main tools He uses to do so! Oh, how true. I highly recommend that you read the Bible more than you read any parenting books and seek God more than you seek advice from others (not that reading parenting books and seeking Godly advice are not good things!). Just keep your relationship with God the main thing, and then being Jesus to your boys the other main thing. Hang in there - the fruit is on the vine and you will see more and more of it. You are doing the right thing and rarely is the right thing the easy thing. Love your blog! Take care - Cousin C in Germany

    1. thanks! you should write a book, wise mother!
      we just talked at church today about the importance of teaching your children FROM the Bible and not just ABOUT the Bible. then they can use the tool for themselves.
      hope y'all are well!

  2. I like this post and will try to remember the advice you've written, but first I need to go to bed and preserve the brain cells I still have left.


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