Monday, February 13, 2012


this weekend we went up to oklahoma to celebrate the life of a great man. the hubs' grandfather passed away last week. he was wonderful. his name was pete...a nickname because as a flight instructor he would re-do drills so much that they began to call him "repeat" and then "peat" and then it morphed into "pete." sounds like he was pretty diligent, huh? he was a loving man who was gentle and patient. he loved working with his hands and fishing and flying. and as they began to talk about his life, i began to see all sorts of similarities between pete and my hubs.

so as we drove home, the hubs and i discussed what we hope our boys will grow up to become.
--what kind of men will they be? we want them to grow up to be godly men who love seeking the Lord's will in their lives. we want them to grow up learning about their roots. -the people in our family who love others, speak gently, speak up, encourage, show hospitality, forgive, value people, stand firm, take time, and share with generosity. and we hope they'll follow suit, becoming men of godly character, just like their daddy. and pete.

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