Friday, September 16, 2011

the plague

what were the seven plagues again? locusts, gnats, frogs...

around here we've had our own plagues. it's been a bleak time here. i've had a very painful cyst (i know you wanted to know) that warranted 5...count them...5 trips to the doctor. and we still don't really know what it is or how to treat it. it's dying down now. the same day i went in for that initial visit, i found out i had strep.

then i sprained my ankle and had to have a cast and use crutches.
then i got strep again.

i think that's more like 4, but it felt like 7.
so now it's been over 2 weeks of me being medically ridiculous and unable to care for my children, and i am ready to be back to normal again.

praise God for my husband, mom, and friends who have helped out. i truly would NOT have been able to do anything without them. it was kind of bad timing that only a few months ago we moved to a new town where we didn't really know anyone and now i'm in need of help. but God provides!

so...since i try not to leave things on a negative are the rich and wonderful blessings that occurred during this time of craziness:
1. spent extra time with my mom....and i love her
2. the boys got a few lessons in compassion. --still learning
3. i enjoyed a lovely dinner prepared by my beautiful neighbor because she wanted to help us out
4. i watched movies by myself this morning because the hubs had to work and we had to farm out the kids to great friends. thanks again, y'all.
5. my husband showed me once again that he is truly wonderful (never doubted it) last night when, after meeting my every need while i was sobbing and felt awful and was coughing so hard i thought i'd die, he laid next to me and said, "i'm here if you need anything else."

see? 5 blessings! and i'm sure there were much more that i can't think of. i encourage you to look at all the blessings you have been gifted with when it might be easier to look at the negative side of things. 4 illnesses, at least 5 blessings. God tenderly takes care of us. i'd say we've got it made, wouldn't you?


  1. Oh marge.. That sounds awful. I have never had strep but when my middle daughter was six she said it felt like she was swallowing glass....ouch. And a sprained ankle ....and a cyst! Man!
    What a joy that you were able to see all the blessings. Important to realize just how blessed we are even when we don't think we are, He keeps on blessing us.

    Wish I could have helped out.... I would have made you some soup... And helped with your kids.... .feel better.

  2. Praying for you! I understand the 7 plagues. At our house this has been the year for diagnosing and hospital procedures and BILLS! So sorry it is all happening at once. I'll pray for you to get even more relief quickly!

  3. Praying for you! We have been there before and I am so happy that you can see the bright side. I needed to read this right now! Thanks!

  4. I'm so sorry you've been so sick! :( Thank God for provision!

  5. marge I think I am getting some of your plague's.... Last night I actually sewed thru my finger on my machine.... Broke the needle. Ouch... Had to pull it out .... Oh my. Then spent the day in the er.... I fell this morning. Broke my coxic bone. Seriously..... Who does that! Lol at least god gave me one the funniest injury's there is. Let's see why I am counting my blessings......

    1. I could have done alot worse to my finger then what actually happened...
    2. I coukd have been paralized from falling how I fell but only cracked my tailbone. Which is pretty painful but, I still have the use of my legs.
    So I am praising God for these things.
    Thanks for the reminder to praise Him in the bad and good times.



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