Friday, September 2, 2011

organization extravaganza!

i'm a firm believer that if you put the word 'extravaganza' at the end of something, it makes it downright exciting. flu EXTRAVAGANZA! or fatigue EXTRAVAGANZA! see? gives it a little extra something, doesn't it?
i've been on an organizing kick lately. Organization EXTRAVAGANZA! (in my head, you yell it.) and what i mean by "organize" is that sometimes i go through things, sort them out, and throw stuff away, and sometimes i just hide stuff in other locations so things LOOK organized.


so far i've organized the pantry, the junk drawer, and the guest room (sort of). i had pictures but they're from my phone and not good quality at all. the hubs built shelves to go in the garage (in one evening! he's handy!) all the kids are rearranged in rooms upstairs, i've filed all our important papers, shredded stuff i needed to, and cleaned out our filing cabinet. i've even gone through my scrapbook and labeled it. --my sister does my scrapbook for me and leaves the labeling to me! isn't she fantastic? i've also rearranged our junked-up closet. because let's face it, sometimes the junk just has no where to go. and you can't get rid of said junk because you really do need it.

anyway! i am feeling mighty productive, which is a feeling i enjoy. ;) especially since yesterday i was diagnosed with strep. ugh. and how's the new schedule of education going, you ask? great! today was shapes and colors and the kids had a great time coloring and finding shapes in books. so yay for achieving goals!

like the pic at the top? the boys were in my bro-in-law's wedding back in may. and while this pic is cute, i really meant to upload the whole family pic. but you get what you get. ;) now for a nap. and maybe some chocolate. mmm. chocolate.


  1. Yes, I would like to see these pictures to prove this organization. Yes, I need proof. LOL.

  2. Yay organization! I need to join this extravaganza (oooooh that DID sound fun). Sorry about the up!


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