Sunday, January 2, 2011

gomer's house

so this weekend we went to visit our friends, stephanie and denbigh. this is their house. it's called gomer's house.
their story is amazing and you should read more about it on their blog listed below.

they bought this house and are slowly restoring it with plans to serve God however He calls them to. they have already seen God do amazing things and bring people into their path that needed help.

we had a great time with them during our visit and can't wait to see how God moves. they have a beautiful family, but even more beautiful is how they serve God wholeheartedly.

please check out their website: gomer's house
and check out stephanie's blog as well

my next post will be answering alena's question about fostering/adopting older children. i'm excited to answer my first feedback question! thanks alena!

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  1. Yeah, I can't wait! :) Gomer's House looks really interesting, and I'm heading over there to read now ;)


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