Friday, May 21, 2010

almost before and after

despite the fact this blog never has pictures, i actually DO love them. the problem is most of my pics are of my children. and since 3 of them aren't bought and paid for (it's a joke, people. we here at marge's house do not actually believe in baby markets) we can't post pics of them. but come july (yep...july!) i will probably have a picture of a little man to show you. he will finally be ours. could life get any better?

anyway, this post was supposed to be about our lovely bedroom furniture that we just got. i had great before and after pictures in mind. except there's a problem. it's

yep. i've waited all day long, and i DO mean all day. they could've been here at 8, but no.
could've been here around lunch, but no.
could've been here during nap and wake up the kiddos and i wouldn't have cared, but no.
it's 2:36 and they've not shown up yet.

so no lovely before and after pictures yet. but i promise they're coming.
because here's the deal:
the lack of posts and the pretty before and after pictures are all representative of yet another life change.
we're putting our house on the market. some might say, "well marge, you have three 'pending' children in your home, a sick baby most of the time, a husband who recently graduated from grad school, and other little details that make your life interesting" and then i say, "thanks you're so kind. thanks for paying attention," and then you say, "but isn't this a bit much? don't you need some sort of stability?" to which i would say, "why of course not. where's your sense of adventure?" and then you'd say, "well marge, you amaze me."
--i love our conversations. you always say the most insightful things. ;)

we found a house we pretty much love the mostest, but we want to sell our house before buying another. crazy you say? well that's how we do things around here. could this mean we end up homeless with 4 small children for possibly several months at a time? yep. woohoo!

so we've been working like crazy people cleaning, packing, staging, gardening, and the like.
and we will put our house on the market in about 5 days.
total time spent preparing the house for sale: 2 weeks.
what was on our to-do list you ask?
make a flower bed/weed, put up iron art outside, hang shutters outside, clean up toys, paint living room, clean out closets to show size, pressure wash sidewalk, get bedroom furniture to show off our loveliness, clean out and streamline laundry room, put mulch around trees, get kitchen cleaned up with nothing on fridge and a pretty pantry, sort through everything to do a garage sale, sell our playground out back, and much much more. we only have a few things left. we are quite the overachievers. whew. i need to sit down.

so next time i promise...before and after pictures.


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! You've got a LOT going on!!!! I need details so give me a call when you can!!!!!! I'll be praying for you guys!

  2. I never ever want to move again. ever. you have my utmost admiration for doing such a thing! On another note I have a ALWAYS wanted to get new bedroom furniture...and I told Steven the other day once I nurse and ween little R I do believe I should treat myself...

  3. You mad woman! But I totally understand, sometimes it's just time to move...


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