Sunday, April 11, 2010

unusual surprises are the best

hello peeps. how goes it? sorry my entries are sporadic. there are several reasons for this:
1. sometimes i have nothing nice to say, and my momma always said, "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."
2. the boys keep me busy
3. i haven't been doing anything new or exciting

but yesterday was wonderful, so i thought i'd post about our adventures before another week begins.

yesterday our plan of attack was to get up late, get all our junk together, and head out to our church's new playground to just get out and about for awhile. if i have an extra set of hands, i want OUT of the house. so the hubs needed pants hemmed, (since he's 6'5" and has to order pants from a catalog, they never come to our house ready-to-wear) we were planning on heading over to the alterations place and then heading back toward home and the playground. instead it took FOREVER for him to get his pants to the guy. instead of the kids and i waiting in the car, we visited a church playground across the street. (and SO glad i did, because little did we know it would take the hubs somewhere close to 45 minutes to get the guy to measure them.) the boys had so much fun. it was a gorgeous day outside, despite the pollen, and the playground was actually age-appropriate. (imagine that!)

since we were already on that side of town, the hubs went across the street and bought a pizza. we all sat down at the park and enjoyed our unhealthy lunch, then went house browsing. (i desperately want to move but it's not the time.) we had fun daydreaming about where we could live and where the kids would play. --really any house with a front yard that doesn't have a hill that leads to death and destruction would be a move up for us.

the best part? we returned home to put the kids down for nap and i got a pedicure. now my soul and my feet are happy!


  1. I'm so very glad you got out of the house, and managed a pedicure all in the same day! Go, girl!

  2. WOOOHOOOO! Its always good to get out!
    OUr weekend was great we went camping and hiking with the wee one for the first time. We had a blast!


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