Wednesday, September 30, 2009


recently i realized that although i'm with my children almost everyday, all day, i am not getting a lot of time one-on-one with them. a lot of our time is spent with friends, which is such a wonderful blessing. but i find that when i'm with friends, i talk to them instead of focusing on the kids. now i'm a big "everything in moderation" type of gal, so i love my friend time, but i also love having the kids to myself sometimes too. so i decided that this week we would reconnect, just the 3 of us. by the end of the week, we'll probably be a little sick of each other, and the cycle can continue! :)

so today was the zoo. we got to ride the train and see two brand new baby monkeys. what fun!

isn't it a little crazy how one's definition of fun changes a bit when they become a mom?

so no deep thought for the day. just family time. one-on-one.


  1. You're such a great mama! I often feel the same way about myself - spending too much time outside of the home and not having as much quality time as I feel is needed.

    Speaking of things you find fun now compared to previously in life: my want lists have changed! I used to want stuff like CDs and clothes and electronics. Now I want stuff like new dishes and rugs and a Dyson. Crazy life.

  2. that's hilarious! i just asked for dishes/tablecloths/table setting stuff for my bday! good times!


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