Monday, July 13, 2009


i was going to name this blog "A Forever Family" in regards to adoption, but because i oppose all things trendy, and blogs are quite the trendy thing to do, i decided to go for that instead.

my blog will not be trendy. there. i said it. sorry peeps.

a little about me: i am a Christian trying to be completely dependent on God, i speak in ebonics often, and i love the man i married. we have a son who's adopted, gabe, and another who's a foster child, monkey. -more on that to come later. one of my pet peeves is when people confuse "your" and "you're". another pet peeve is people who don't recognize personal space. excuse me! i greatly enjoy sarcasm and long walks on the beach.

that's all for now.
peace out homey g funks


  1. Yea! I'm excited you started a blog....I am warning you that it is just as addictive as facebook.

  2. Don't listen to Kate...blogging is not addictive at all. I can quit anytime.

    Glad you're here!!!


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